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What’s the ‘Womp’ on Bart B More?

Written By Alyssa Beltran on Friday, 12 August 2011

Born Bart van der Meer from Utrecht, Netherlands, More first gained exposure in the Dutch scene by mixing techno music with big-room electro and house. He dropped his first EP, “So It Goes” after a few years of mixing in Holland and collecting a sturdy fan base.

Quickly gaining momentum, he unleashed the highly acclaimed remix of Sandy Rivera’s “Freak,” which was promptly deemed ‘Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune’ on BBC Radio 1, as well as one of my favorite mixes. Sitting still in the coffee shop where I write this has never been so difficult—click “play” below to start jamming out too.

More’s combination of dance and swift energy has credited him with acts such as Electric Daisy Carnival LA, Nocturnal Festival LA, Beyond Wonderland LA, Trouble & Bass NY & Miami, and many more. You’ll see him soon in London with Drop the Lime and AC Slater at XOYO as well as at Electric Zoo Festival in New York on September 2nd.

Rapidly expanding, he founded Secure Recordings in 2008, which include artists such as Diplo and Bingo Players. His newest tracks to hit the scene include “Traction” and “The Bass”—both of which can be heard on So far he has 10 EP’s and one full DJ Mix under his belt, but don’t think that’s all he’s got in ‘em! In a recent interview with Reviped after his set at Tomorrowland 2011, he states his favorite part of his recording company, “looking for new music, looking for new artists… anyone who makes good music.” He’s looking forward to releasing new tracks, so whip out your wooden shoes and braids and keep a steady ear out for future shows near you!

Madeon Voyage

Written By Johnny Kenny on Monday, 01 August 2011


I came across Madeon’s “Pop-Culture” (live mashup) while I was browsing the web a few weeks ago… I was captivated! I have heard all the hype about this kid, but seeing Madeon live at work proves his genius!

Madeon is self-described as an “electro-pop-house-whatever producer from France”. At the age of just 16 he achieved creditable recognition by becoming a joint-winner of Pendulum’s “The Island” remix competition, and also being praised by the likes of Skrillex and Pendulum front-man Rob Swire. His latest song a remix of deadmau5’ “Raise Your Weapons” was praised by Deadmau5 himself on facebook and other social utilities, Madeon’s Remix is also appeared on Deadmau5’s latest EP featuring a number of “Raise Your Weapon” remixes.

I look forward to seeing what Madeon has in store for us in the years to come! 

Limit Your Music, Limit Your Life

Written By Jake Goble on Friday, 29 July 2011


This morning was like any other Friday summer morning; I woke up, turned off my alarm, and generously granted myself another half an hour of sleep. When I awoke again, I casually got up and prepared a quick breakfast, consisting of toasted slices of banana (try this), my mom’s homemade raspberry jam, and some almond butter. I then, nestled it all together inside a piece of toast to make the perfect breakfast taco.

As I enjoyed this delicious treat, my thoughts returned to an idea that had been resurfacing in my mind lately. This summer, more so then ever, I have been continuously on the prowl for new music with no particular flavor in mind, just new, enjoyable, original music. As a result, I have found myself venturing into uncharted territory in a multitude of avenues in life. Additionally, I have felt the constant tingle of creativity on my tongue for poetry, in my eyes to draw, and in my fingers to play. The inspiration that I have embodied as of late has stemmed from a single source: new music. Now, I’m not trying to say I have discovered a hidden truth, but more so come to a realization of the profound affect of this fresh fruit of music on my life.

In order for progress to occur in any walk of life, the world requires you to step outside of your box, be creative, and engage yourself. In every ancient tribe of humans, every successful civilization, and most every culture, music is present. Music is biologically programmed into our bodies. Some may feel it more than others or apply it in different ways, but for the vast majority of the world, even if we don’t actually hear it with our ears, music is in our thoughts on a daily basis. I believe that it is that specific music, the music we replay, reinvent, or create in our minds that is the most essential in life. 

Wherever the source of this music derives from is up to you. However, if you are the type of person who relies on top 40 radio or MTV to find your music (not that there is anything wrong with that) you are in a sense limiting your own possibilities for inspiration and self-development. What is popular in the height of the mainstream media may appeal to you, but it could also hamper your own taste for music and thus the chance for creative stimulation. This is no doubt the case for everyone, but if music is the cornerstone for original and motivating thought within yourself, why not harness it to your full ability? 

You have nothing to lose. 

Now, take it or leave it as a suggestion or advice, but here are some methods I have found to be successful in my quest for new and inspiring music:

1. Go to a local coffee shop, bar, or community gathering with live music.

2. Go to a music festival with friends with bands you both have and have never heard before.

3. Look up music on the Internet (the fastest way) – websites I recommend:










4. Share it all. Once your friends learn to dig for music then they can share whatever they find with you and provide you with even more music than you have the time to look for yourself. I owe the knowledge of such paths to music to all of my friends, the venues I have visited that hold music, and the actions of web users on social networking and blogs for music. I appreciate your time reading my first rant for Collective Ink. Hopefully it has enlightened you in some way. Feel free to email me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with any comments, suggestions, or questions.

Happy hunting!


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